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I’m working in the final touches of a guide to support and empower you in fulfilling your financial potential. It is an addition to The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. This guide will lift up and speed up your result. Find out when it’s available and how to obtain it by filling your information below.

Jason Parente

Business & Money Coach

Money Matters!

Money tells a story about someone’s life in a very precise way. We all have our own money story and unless we carefully examine it, we are really not free to create our lives.

I personally experienced coming home in fear of bills in my mailbox, the amount in my checking account at the end of the month and my face in the mirror in the morning fearing I am not providing my family the means to have the kind of life I want them to have. I know what this is like, to live with that fear, to lie so it looks and feels better. I’ve been there. I also know what it is like to get out of it.

My true passion is to support people to shift their financial situation and go beyond survival so they can create a life devoid of financial stress.

If thinking about money has you feel like you will faint, you feel shame, guilt or even if it’s just simply not AWESOME, let’s have a conversation about what you can do right now to turn that around.

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Jason proved to be an excellent guide and coach.  He was able to take me from not knowing what my new business venture would look like to having concrete direction and purpose.  Jason never said what I should do; instead, he gave me the tools, insights, and motivation that allowed me to chart my own course.  Lastly, Jason is a great listener, always taking into account what I had to say and dynamically crafting his coaching to that end.

Tom Pogagnik

Jason is a person that was able to hold my commitment and help me surpass my limits. At each obstacle ! faced he suggested new habits for an improved lifestyle. For my business he brought me tools that are new pillars of my daily life. I highly recommend his services. He is a multipurpose coach that is very dynamic.

Esthétiques Sylvie Denis

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